IDIBC operates as the sole self-regulatory professional body for interior design practitioners in B.C. It exists to protect the public and advance the profession by ensuring its registrants have the knowledge and experience to perform their work safely and conduct themselves in line with IDIBC’s stringent professional standards.

IDIBC members involved in the practice of professional interior design in B.C. must adhere to IDIBC’s Bylaws, including the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (Bylaw 15). IDIBC holds registrants professionally accountable for conducting their practices in accordance with these requirements and is responsible for receiving and investigating all complaints received by the public, employers, other regulated professionals, and/or its registrants.

Misrepresentation – Illegal Use of Designation

Registrants of IDIBC have the exclusive right to use the title “Registered Interior Designer” (RID). IDIBC Bylaws state that certification as an RID is achieved when the applicant has demonstrated that they have met an established and rigorous standard of education, work experience, and competence. The RID designation is maintained on an annual basis by completing regulatory and registration requirements.

Anyone can report a possible infraction that involves misrepresentation and/or the illegal use of the RID designation for any interior designer representing themselves as a registrant of IDIBC.

Professional Conduct 

Anyone may file a complaint if they are concerned that an IDIBC registrant in a public or private environment has behaved in an unprofessional manner, with potential violation of the IDIBC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and/or Bylaws, or of otherwise signal incompetence or inability to practice interior design in the best interest of the public.

If you have questions or concerns about an interior designer registered by IDIBC, please follow the steps below before filing a complaint:

Misrepresentation – Illegal Use of Designation

Determine if the professional is registered with the IDIBC by searching our membership directory. If they are not listed, they may not be a certified Registered Interior Designer or active IDIBC registrant. Email if you have any questions or for verification.

Professional conduct 

Talk to the IDIBC registrant to attempt to resolve any issues or misunderstandings. Please note: IDIBC cannot address disputes or concerns in specific contractual matters such as:

  • Commercial disputes due to the individual interest of one of the parties (unless this includes a breach of IDIBC Bylaws or Code of Ethics)
  • Requesting specific changes or execution details of a project. IDIBC mandates the use of contracts for interior design projects to ensure all parties are clear on specifics of the scope of work.
  • Discussions around the amount of fees, reduction of fees, or method of payment.
  • Claims for compensation stemming for mistakes or professional errors should be directed to legal counsel. IDIBC’s professional complaint process is separate from any legal action you may choose to pursue.
  • Concerns outside of the area of interior design.

If you are unable to resolve the matter, believe there is a professional conduct or competency concern, and wish to make a complaint about an IDIBC registrant, please follow the steps below:

  • Collect as much information, data, and documentation as possible to support your complaint.
  • Complaints must be made in writing. Fill out the IDIBC Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics Reporting Form.
  • Be sure to clearly describe the facts and provide details per the guidance on the form. The complaint should adequately describe the circumstances and specific concerns about the Registrant’s conduct.
  • Email your complaint to

For any questions or assistance with submitting a complaint, contact the Executive Director at or 604.298.5211.

IDIBC’s complaints and disciplinary process is (detailed below) designed to facilitate a full and impartial review, and to incorporate principles of procedural fairness. For more information, please consult the IDIBC Bylaws or contact IDIBC’s Complaints Officer.

Complaint Process {make the info below this accordioned for each number – hidden unless you plus open these sections}

Every complaint is reviewed to ensure it meets the requirements and falls within IDIBC’s jurisdiction. IDIBC may ask the Complainant to provide further information, including supporting documents. When IDIBC staff receive a complaint, the following  preliminary steps may be taken:

  • open an investigation;
  • acknowledge receipt of complaint by email;
  • send a copy of the complaint to the registrant being investigated;
  • ask the registrant for a response in writing and copies of any relevant records;
  • forward complaint material and a summary report to the IDIBC Complaints Officer for review;
  • when appropriate, gather additional information from witnesses or other parties.

Complaints Officer leads the investigation into the complaint, liaises with the Complainant and the Respondent (including attempting to resolve the matter), and makes a determination on the complaint and appropriate actions to follow.

Dismissal & Disciplinary Actions

From time-to-time, the Discipline Committee may decide to dismiss a complaint based on the following reasons as outlined in Bylaw section 10.17:

  • the complaint does not fall within the Society’s jurisdiction;
  • the complaint is not valid;
  • following review, the registrant was cleared of not practicing interior design in an incompetent manner;
  • the matter giving rise to the complaint has been resolved;

When warranted, investigations by the Investigation Committee may result in disciplinary action including penalties. Pending voluntary resolution, the Investigations Committee will refer the complaint to the Discipline Committee if a registrant refuses undertaking of the requested action. A discipline hearing would then be scheduled to determine the appropriate form of Disciplinary Action to take. Section 10.43 of the By-Laws establishes the following penalties:

  • undertake not to repeat the conduct under review;
  • undertake educational courses specified by review committee;
  • censure by public notice to the profession as set out in Section 10.44;
  • suspension of the registrant member and the member’s professional designation seal for a specified period of time;
  • removal of seal and expulsion from IDIBC;

For any questions regarding the Disciplinary process, please contact the Executive Director at or 604.298.5211.

IDIBC respects privacy and confidentiality as outlined in its our Policies and Procedures Manual for any investigations.