Update on mandatory liability insurance

We are pleased to announce that IDIBC members now have the option to purchase their RID Liability insurance package (i.e., Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability) through a new IDIBC member insurance program offered by PROLINK Insurance, the same provider of Liability insurance through IDC.

There is no procedural change if you choose to purchase RID Liability insurance under the IDIBC program. The 2019 PROLINK RID Liability renewal application will be emailed to all members insured with PROLINK between September 19th and 23rd. The application will ask you to indicate if you are an IDIBC member only or an IDIBC member with an IDC membership. PROLINK is providing IDIBC members with the same comprehensive Errors & Omissions Liability, Commercial General Liability and business property insurance package if you did not retain your IDC membership. Premium is the only difference for the 2019 policy renewal if IDIBC members did not maintain IDC membership in 2019. On average, IDIBC members without an IDC membership will pay approximately 8% to 9% more for their complete IDIBC RID Liability insurance package in 2019.

IDIBC does not require members to purchase insurance through PROLINK, as long as IDIBC’s insurance requirements are met (Interns: $500,000 E&O; RIDs: $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions).

Click here for further information on the PROLINK Insurance RID Liability insurance package.

Click here to see IDIBC’s Policies and Procedures: Intern insurance page 8; RID insurance page 9.