Students, apply now for the IDIBC Tom Park Student Bursary.

Deadline July 1, 2020
A minimum of one student member of IDIBC will be awarded the $1000 bursary each year, at the discretion of the IDIBC board.
The bursary will be awarded to an eligible student nominee who best exemplifies the spirit of participation and volunteerism within the interior design profession, above and beyond their curriculum requirements, making an impact on their future profession and furthering the goals of the IDIBC.
Grade point average or financial need are not influencing factors for this award.
Bursary Eligibility: open to any full or part-time student member in good standing of the IDIBC, who is either a resident of BC for provincial tax purposes or enrolled in a four-year bachelor’s degree interior design program in BC accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). To be eligible, the nominee must be a student in a recognized interior design program in the calendar year in which they are nominated
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