Launch of the 2021-2023 IDIBC Strategic Plan

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to share IDIBC’s official Strategic Plan for 2021-2023.

What this is all about

This new Strategic Plan outlines our profession’s mission and vision, and charts a new direction to align us with similar regulatory organizations that protect the public’s interest.

Why now

Allied professions are now undergoing major regulatory changes, which inevitably will affect the interior design profession. By understanding and responding to these changes, we can rise to the challenge and take advantage of opportunities to empower our profession.

How this plan came about

Beginning last year, our Executive Director, the Board, and Committee members conducted an in-depth analysis of our resources and organizational structure. The team examined the function and strategic priorities of IDIBC and prepared detailed action plans. These plans map out a series of actions to address the new regulatory changes.

What’s in the Strategic Plan

Our formal Mission statement: The Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia regulates the profession of interior design using a progressive regulatory framework to serve the public interest and advance the profession.

Our formal Vision statement: To safeguard public interest through professional regulation that promotes leadership, excellence, and the continuing education of members of the Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia.

An outline and timeline to implement the strategic priorities, with four new operational committees:

  • Government Relations & Regulation
  • Public Confidence & Protection
  • Member Advancement
  • Organization Success

I’m excited to share this Strategic Plan with you now, and I encourage you to read it through for a comprehensive understanding of IDIBC’s strategic priorities for the next three years.

Warm regards,

Shelley Penner