Serve the public interest. Advance professional regulation. Shape the profession

IDIBC’s Board of Directors is responsible for managing the strategic and financial health of the organization. Directors volunteer their time and expertise to ensure IDIBC is well run, meeting the needs of registrants, and effectively carrying out its mandate of regulating the profession of interior design to protect the public and advance the profession.

IDIBC’s Board is composed of individuals who are leaders in their industries and have a common goal of collaborating to bring IDIBC’s strategic priorities to life.

By joining the Board, you can build your skills, refine your industry knowledge, pursue your professional development goals, and promote excellence in our profession.


The IDIBC is accepting nominations for the Board of Directors for a 2-year period from June 2024 to May 2026. We are committed to promoting diverse representation from regions across BC!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Are you a leader in your sector? 

Download the Board nominations form for criteria, Board member responsibilities and time commitment. If you would like to be considered for open Board positions, please complete the form and submit the requested documents to volunteer@idibc.org.

IDIBC’s Board of Directors typically meets virtually once per month on a weekday and the average commitment is eight hours monthly.  Under current Bylaws, any Registered Interior Designer in good standing can sit on the Board. Directors are elected annually at the AGM and serve a two-year term (except the President, who serves a one-year term and may opt to remain on the Board for the second year).

President – Acts as Chair for all meetings of the Board and the AGM. The President is responsible for maintaining and updating the Strategic Plan, preparing registrant reports and resolutions for the AGM, managing partnerships, participating in speaking engagements, and attending events on behalf of IDIBC.

President-Elect: Internal Governance & Provincial partnerships – Next in line for the President role on the Board once the previous President’s term is complete. The President-Elect serves as financial officer for the Board and monitors the financial health of the Institute. The position also communicates with partners to monitor provincial regulatory issues and reports to the Board on any changes/concerns.

Directors At Large – Directors at Large are responsible for overseeing the direction of the organization on all matters related to protecting the public interest. This includes setting in place bylaws, policies, procedures, values, and long-term planning to meet the mission and vision of the organization. Director at Large positions:

  • Investigations & Discipline – Assists the Executive Director in reviewing or processing complaints and regulatory issues to the attention of the Government Relations Committee and Board. This position also sits on the Government Relations Committee and facilitates communication of regulatory issues.
  • Education: Local Initiatives – Supports the development goals of the Institute for post-secondary education partners and the professional registration pathway. This position liaises with educators and the Emerging Professionals Committee to further interior design education and development across the province.
  • Registration: Memberships & Credentialing – Monitors registration and admission requirements of new registrants. This position monitors registrant rights and privileges as well as registrant competency and practice standards.
  • Nominations & Recruitment: National Initiatives – This position monitors Board composition, Board procedures, and recruitment processes for new Board members. It also participates in CIDRAC (national regulatory) initiatives and national issues/opportunities affecting the profession of interior design.
  • Continuing Education: Society Chair OSID – Sitting on the Board of a regional Interior Design Society, this Director facilitates the development of CEU opportunities through partnerships and a shared vision with the societies. The position monitors the continuing education requirements of IDIBC registrants as well as the reporting and audit process.
  • Continuing Education (x2): Society Chair VISID – Sitting on the Board of a regional Interior Design Society, this Director facilitates the development of CEU opportunities through partnerships and a shared vision with the societies. The opportunity for each local Society to have a representative on the Board exists to promote the importance of continuing education and the connection to local communities of designers.
  • Treasurer: This position assists the President-Elect and Executive Director with monitoring the financial health of the organization. It reviews financial statements, develops budgets, and makes recommendations regarding IDIBC’s long-term financial goals.
The IDIBC is a predominantly volunteer organization that relies on the support of its members to uphold its mission of advancing members in the profession while serving the public interest.

The IDIBC has many volunteer opportunities to offer members advancement at every stage of their careers. Hone your leadership, management skills and creativity by volunteering with the IDIBC.

  • Expand your mind and share your passion for interior design with like-minded professionals.
  • Be a mentor to talented, upcoming Intern and Student members.
  • Seek mentorship from Registered Interior Designers and leaders in the IDIBC.
  • Access educational opportunities.
  • Grow your network and get exposed to the many sectors in the Design & Construction industry and career paths.
  • Create job opportunities and become aware of potential hires!
Did you know?

Every 3-year cycle, member volunteers can report non-IDCEC approved CEUs for:

  • Volunteering with the IDIBC – up to 12 CEUs (Category 600)
  • Mentoring an Intern or Student member – up to 6 CEUs (Category 700)
  • Volunteering to sign off on Intern hours – up to 6 CEUs (Category 800)