The IDIBC was registered as an occupational title society under the Society Act in 1987, giving its professional members the exclusive right to use the title “Registered Interior Designer.”

IDIBC members who use this title must meet rigorous requirements for education, examinations and supervised experience that are comparable to self-regulated professions such as architecture and engineering.

Although the title “Registered Interior Designer” is protected, there is nothing to prevent unqualified persons from practicing interior design in BC. An interior design practice act would support the public interest by:

  • Defining a scope of practice for interior design;
  • Limiting the practice of interior design to qualified, regulated and insured individuals, so that the public is protected from practitioners who are unqualified or do not adhere to codes of professional conduct and ethics; and
  • Restricting use of the title “interior designer” to qualified, regulated and insured individuals, so that consumers can be confident that anyone who offers interior design services has the necessary skills and experience.