The IDIBC has a proud history of good work and community involvement. Today, we’re more committed than ever to giving back to our communities.

Our strength is a result of the generous contributions of our talented members. The Community Outreach Committee expands on our sense of generosity, satisfaction, and collaboration by working with various community and charitable organizations to help them achieve their goals.

While we are giving back to our community, we will also be increasing public awareness of our profession.  Our participation in high profile community projects will increase public awareness of vital societal issues including sustainable and green design, as well as create a greater awareness of the need for more public funding and volunteering for communities and charitable organizations.

This is why we have created the Community Outreach Committee, to team charitable organizations with interior design professionals. By collaborating, we not only help local community groups, but we also gain a personal sense of generosity and satisfaction.  Our member volunteers will be involved in project budget and design, and product procurement with emphasis on sustainable design.

We look forward to embarking on this rewarding venture.  Please contact IDIBC at 604.298.5211 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to discuss how we are able to help you achieve your goals.