IDIBC’s leadership team is dedicated to creating an active professional association that meets the needs of its members and the general public.

  • President: Megan Bennett, RID, IDC
  • President Elect: Jennifer Heffel RID, IDC
  • Director at Large: Vacant
  • VP Communications: Joanne Crozier, RID
  • VP Education: Tiia Manson, RID, IDC
  • VP Legal: Valerie Rice RID, IDC
  • VP Membership: Tiina Vahtola, RID, IDC
  • Okanagan Chapter Chair: Robyn Sherwood RID, IDC
  • Vancouver Chapter Co-Chair: Andrea Auchinleck RID, IDC
  • Vancouver Island Chapter Chair: Laura Harlos RID, IDC

Here is a short description of some of our committees. See ‘live link’ for further information.’

Awards Committee

Every year, IDIBC invites entries from B.C.’s registered interior designers for the Annual IDIBC Awards of Excellence. The Awards committee processes entries, arranges the panel of guest jurors, and follows through with presentations to the winners at the yearly Awards of Excellence Gala event.

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for communicating information to members about relevant events and news, and increasing public awareness of the IDIBC. Media include email, website, social media, magazine articles, etc.

Continuing Education Committee

Working closely with IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) this committee organizes and implements valuable continuing education courses for IDIBC members, and assists in the CEU audit process at the end of each reporting cycle.

Education Committee

This committee strives to ensure communication amongst educators, educational institutions, employers of professional interior designers, and other jurisdictions in order to share current information about minimum educational requirements of IDIBC as the provincial regulatory body for the profession of interior design. Our overarching goal is to inform students of minimum educational requirements enabling them to become employable graduates for the profession of interior design in British Columbia. An annual ‘educators’ forum’ is held typically in the Fall, intended to augment other forms of ongoing communication.

Emerging Professionals Committee

The purpose of this committee is to serve as a liaison between student members and the association’s Professional members and the IDIBC Board. The committee organizes various events throughout the year with a focus on communicating relevant and timely information about the interior design profession to students enrolled in interior design programs in BC.

Legal Committee

Changes to the building code, building permit processes, the Builders Lien Act and liability affect the profession of Interior Design from a legal standpoint. This group ensures that Interior Designers remain on a level playing field with other professionals in the industry.

Member Events Committee

This committee is involved in planning some of the events for IDIBC membership and its sponsors. It is a fun committee made up of designers and sponsors that works together to organize events such as Shine Awards and Buildex.

Membership Committee

Where would the IDIBC be without members? Attracting new members and processing applications are the prime focus of this committee.

NCIDQ Committee

This committee is focused on the NCIDQ exam study sessions provided by the IDIBC. The NCIDQ committee seeks volunteers to help the facilitation of the weekend NCIDQ preparation sessions which are held twice a year. IDIBC would like volunteers to have passed the NCIDQ exam.